Data Capture

Data conversions such as OCR clean up, ICR, OMR, scanning from hard copies, microfilms, microfiche, indexing and archiving are our main services. Along with those we process large volume of data to create and update database and format data to create mailing list. We also provide simple services like PDF and HTML conversion, XML tagging and document conversion.

Our service also includes extensive Web research: mining, searching for relevant contents, and compilation of mailing lists from www sites, internet research, product research, survey and analysis.

Simple solutions like processing of order, credit card, insurance claims and survey forms are also provided. Spectral descriptions of our some of our relevant services are given below:

  • Data Processing
    • Data Formatting
    • Updating and Creating Database
  • Data Conversion
    • OCR clean-up
    • ICR
    • OMR
    • Indexing and Archiving
    • PDF Conversion
    • HTML Conversion and XML Tagging
    • Scanning from Hard Copies, Microfilms and Microfiche
  • Mail Management
    • Create Mailing List by Formatting Data
  • Web Research
    • Web Mining
    • Online Research and Creating Database in MSOffice
    • Product Research, Survey and Analysis
  • Form Processing
    • Credit Card, Insurance Claim, Survey Forms and Order Processing

Data Entry

It is important when searching for electronic files to associate keywords or index fields in order for you to find them. Data entry is an integral service that we provide to ensure that you can find your scanned documents; weather you are using your own search facilities, or software provided by us.

Double Entry Verification

All data entry work undertaken by Documan is keyed in twice and compared by our software to ensure no mistakes have been made. This increases our accuracy for data entry to 99.995%.

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