ZyLAB Document Management

Enterprise class document management in use by some of the worlds largest organisations. Perfect for case, document and investigative management.

ZyLAB is more geared towards larger organisations where there are millions of pages of scanned and electronic media which needs to be filed and retrieved.

ZyLAB cannot be ZyLAB cannot be beaten for its integration with back office solutions nor its ability to work in any industry for any type of solution. Contact us for further details.






Diraq Document Management

An intranet based solution ideal for the SME market or at departmental level. We also provide this software as a hosted solution to reduce in house IT and Support costs. eb or intranet solution with no need to install software on the desktop. Amongst its many features are email archiving, auto indexing, mail room, bulk import, scan to web and watched directories.

This is a suitable solution for those wishing to share information with clients, but keep certain information secure.

Free White Papers

1. Legal Admissibility

2. Email Archiving

3. The Cost of Filing Paper Documents

4. Disaster Recovery

5. Document & Records Management

6. Corporate Profile

7. Choosing a Document Management System




Drawing Scanning & Conversion

We are able to scan any quality of drawing of any size or any colour, up to and including A0+, from 50dpi through to 600dpi. We can convert a paper drawing to a CAD file if required. Our prices are competitive and we are able to scan in excess of 25,000 drawings per day.

Aperture Cards, Microfiche or Film

We utilise specialist in-house equipment to convert your film media to electronic files for easier search and retrieval.

Document Scanning

Whatever type of document you have Documan have a solution, from A6-A0+, Colour, Greyscale or Black and White from 50dpi-600dpi including dual stream output and DjVU.

Data Capture Solutions

Weather you want to automatically capture data from forms or surveys or just have manual data entry work completed. To improve accuracy Documan always utilise a double entry verification model to ensure that we consistently get it right first time.






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